Hey therapists & coaches, are you looking for better client care and less busy work?

Give your clients everything they need to turn self care and coping skills into sustainable habits. We make it easy!

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Empower your clients to make lasting change.

Hold them accountable without having to hold their hand.

As therapists and coaches working with perfectionists, we want to help our clients go for their goals...without feeling shame when they stumble.

We want to teach them tangible skills and enable them to move forward confidently!

Habitbetter is the habits app that doesn't make you feel bad.

Client Care

Manage all of your clients' treatment routines from one spot.

Give Customized Plans

Assign individual habits, journaling prompts, therapy courses, and more.

Get Real

Track your clients' progress and offer simple support between sessions.

Save Time & Money

No more stacks of books or full email inboxes- manage treatment simply.

Stand Out in Your Field

Your clients will wonder where this tool has been their whole lives!

Client Scheduling 

Schedule Sessions in seconds right from your "My Practice" Dashboard.

Integrate your practice Calendar with Google Calendars and automatically send notifications to your clients.

Track Client Progress with Check-Ins

Use our therapist designed "Standard" , a GAD-7, PHQ-9, or even your own custom check-in. 

We know the "I'm fine" response can be frustrating. That's why we included the ability to assign check-ins to clients in the mobile app so you can track progress in your dashboard.

Create Custom "Homework" for your Clients

Design and Assign custom courses for you clients.

Create a whole course or simple daily practice lessons. Even add video and images to give your clients an easy way to learn the skills you cover in session.

Integrated Mobile App for Clients

Set yourself apart and empower your clients!

Our mobile app for iOS and Android integrates with your dashboard and allows you to support your clients, track progress and assign homework.

Our app has been in beta mode for the last few months and has received amazing feedback:

"I've barely scratched the surface of what Habitbetter has to offer, and my life is already immensely better.

My personality is one that tries to start a habit, but then a few days in gives up...and just with journaling, this one little thing has changed me...it sets my day up for success."

Donna F.

"I would recommend Habitbetter to anyone and everyone (and I have).

Their courses are so informative and really make you look deep past the surface to some things you may not understand about yourself yet. Their focus on journaling really helps you explore your feelings in a way that helps to truly bring out the best results from you."

Daniel T.

“Habitbetter is a game changer.

I never knew how much journaling could change my life until I started taking their courses! Journaling everyday has improved my happiness, focus, creativity, and energy.

I feel like I'm becoming the person I was truly meant to be. I can't recommend them enough!"

Tricia C.

Run your business smarter, not harder.

Let's be honest...

➡️  How many books do you have stacked up on your desk right now, as you try to find the right plan and tools for each of your clients?

➡️  How much of your time is spent going back and forth with your clients in emails and voice memos?

➡️  How much do you worry about your clients between sessions, not sure if they're following your recommendations?

Manage all of your clients' progress from one spot, right from your computer.

Save SO much time and energy!

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