Want to learn more about how Habitbetter works, and (more importantly) how it can work for you? Check out this series of videos, starting with Video #10 - YOUR LIFE. YOUR HABITS.:

Let’s talk Habits. At Habitbetter we believe habits are the true secret to success in your life. 

Habits are truly the sustainable way to make change. They create little positive feedback loops that help you create a habitually happy life.

The habit loop is made of three distinct parts. The cue which gets the habit started, like an alarm, a person, a location, time of day or even a place.

The next part is what we typically think of when we say habit, the routine. This is the action of the habit like brushing your teeth, meditation, or journaling.

We like to say there are no good or bad habits, just helpful and unhelpful habits. Habits that either move you in the direction you want to go, or away from it.

We’ve designed the app so that your habits can be found on the homepage. However, only the habits that are scheduled for that day will be on the homescreen. Otherwise you can find all the habits you are tracking on the habits page, which can be accessed from the menu. In the Habit creation layout you can name the habit, choose a start date, a frequency, and assign certain days of the week. The app will send you a reminder notification based on the time of say you chose! Then you’ll select the streak length target, which is how many days or weeks in a row you want to try and stay consistent with the habit.

Finally, you’ll write in your “why”. Why are you tracking this habit? It’s important to always have a reason for our actions because this will always remind us why we’re doing this when times get tough… and they will get tough.

Alright now that you’ve got some guidance, go ahead and create your first habit!

This series of videos will walk you through how to make the most of the Habitbetter app and show you how to use all of the features to help you build habits that are right for you.

You can also find them as a course inside the Habitbetter app.

VIDEO #11: Track Your Progress

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