Want to learn more about how Habitbetter works, and (more importantly) how it can work for you? Check out this series of videos, starting with Video #3 - HOW'S WORK GOING:

In this video, we dig into three main categories of your life: Professional, Social and Personal. We chose these three arenas of life based on the research about how journaling and habits can make the most positive impact.

Habitbetter is all about helping you as a WHOLE person and all that contributes to your mental health.

If you don’t prioritize your mental health it doesn’t matter how many habits you track, or goals you set. You’ll always feel a bit unsatisfied, stressed, lacking confidence or stuck. So we designed the app to track these areas of life, by looking at your level of Satisfaction, Stress, Confidence and Growth in these categories. The journaling and habit building are going to help you improve any areas that need support.

The “Check-In” feature of the app is how you’ll keep track of how your habits are helping you make progress and is always in the menu bar at the bottom of the app. The app will also remind you if you don’t check-in for a while.

Our first check-in category is your professional or work life.

Work and professional can mean many different things. Being a caregiver or parent is work, Volunteering is work, a 9-5 is work. Maybe you're currently looking for employment, that’s work! 

Define it how it makes sense to you.

So now take a moment to think about:

→  How satisfied you are with your work

→  How stressed you are

→  How confident you feel

→  How much growth you are experiencing.

And then enter it on the app!

This series of videos will walk you through how to make the most of the Habitbetter app and show you how to use all of the features to help you build habits that are right for you.

You can also find them as a course inside the Habitbetter app.

VIDEO #4: Check In with Your Relationships

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