Want to learn more about how Habitbetter works, and (more importantly) how it can work for you? Check out this series of videos, starting with Video #7 - WHO MATTERS TO YOU:

Now it’s time to set your social goals for the month. These can get a bit tricky because you only want to set goals around things YOU can control. (Keep in mind you can’t force someone to do anything!) BUT you can set a goal of doing things for those you care about.

For example, you can have the goal of making your partner feel appreciated and loved in your relationship. You can do this through a few habits you track, like spending quality time together, doing something for them, or even just remembering to kiss on the way out the door.

Focus your goals by thinking about how you want to be in the relationship. “I want to improve the way I communicate with my partner.” “I want to get better at setting boundaries.” “I want to make more time for my social life.”

We teach specific habits you can use to get there in our relationship habit courses inside the Habitbetter app! Now take a moment and think about 1-3 relationship goals you would like to achieve.

This series of videos will walk you through how to make the most of the Habitbetter app and show you how to use all of the features to help you build habits that are right for you.

You can also find them as a course inside the Habitbetter app.

VIDEO #8: Set Personal Goals

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