Want to learn more about how Habitbetter works, and (more importantly) how it can work for you? Check out this series of videos, starting with Video #1 - WELCOME:

At Habitbetter we are all about making habit building easier! We believe in fun and experiencing JOY on the way to achieving your goals. We focus on the whole you: your personal, professional and social life.

We guide you with journal prompts to help you discover what makes you, well YOU! All our prompts and habit courses are backed by research, designed by a licensed therapist.

The Habitbetter app gives you the tools you need to function at your best, joyfully, in an achievement focused world.

This series of videos will walk you through how to make the most of the Habitbetter app and show you how to use all of the features to help you build habits that are right for you.

You can also find them as a course inside the Habitbetter app.

VIDEO #2: Find Your WHY

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