We started Habitbetter based on a very simple belief. The belief that everyone has the power to change and that change always begins with an action. Often small, sometimes grand, but an action all the same. Put enough of those actions in a row and for a long enough time and you have a habit. These habits form who you are as a person. Therefore, changing your habits is the path to changing yourself. Easier said than done but it can be done.

Stemming from this core belief we also recognize that nobody acts in isolation and if we want to change our lives it will invariably impact those around us. The people we have relationships with, be they family, friends, or professional colleagues will always be a source of variability in our daily lives. If we ever hope to change ourselves we must take into account our relationships. This is one of the reasons we focus on understanding the impacts of habits on our relationships. We want to maintain friendships, family bonds and professional ties while at the same time elevating ourselves to a new level of success and fulfillment.

“We are the sum of our actions, therefore our habits make all the difference.” -Aristotle

In looking around the coaching space we saw many great coaches with a lot of great advice and guidance, we also saw events that could inspire and uplift. What we did not find was a focus on the small day to day actions that lead to sustainable, positive change.

When first making a change in your life it helps to be reminded of your goals and the habits every day, multiple times a day until it becomes ingrained. This is why we chose to create a system where daily check-ins are the norm.

The Habitbetter Guarantee

Habitbetter is built on the belief in people’s ability to change. If we can’t help you affect positive change in your life we have failed. As such, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If at any point during your time working with Habitbetter you feel we have not held up our end of the bargain we will refund any amount not earned and work with you to ensure you are able to be successful going forward.

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